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100,000 Words -- Installment #2 Honorable Mentions

Here are the fun pictures/people with fun stories from these 10 days of pictures.

I'm doing all this by memory, so I reserve the right to change information in the future if I get it a little wrong. I'm 99% sure I'm right on all of it, but you never know. I'm forgetful.

Also these are all out of order when it comes to the date at which they were taken...I uploaded them weird. And since it didn't really matter, I didn't feel like spending another 30 minutes on putting them in order. :)

This is Dave, a day 17 success. We ran into him
at the flea market. It was after I had gotten Sylvia,
so I knew he wasn't going to be on the main post, but I just love this picture.
He has so much character. He was really funny and fun to talk to.
I didn't get much info about him because he and his friend
were in a hurry. He said he didn't really know what he was doing
with his life. He didn't go to State or anything. He was just kinda
living life. Which I respect. He was awesome. He was like,
"this better not go on facebook." I assured him this was not a facebook thing.
Blog thing, yes. Facebook thing, no.

This was day 18. His name is Addison and he was Garrett's friend.
We ran into him outside Cup o' Joe when Ashley was dropping off her application.
I think what I found most interesting about him was his tattoos,
which I definitely don't think you can see. Well, on his arm he has
these tattoos of a bunch of stars. Well, when I asked which tattoo
was his favorite he pointed to that one. Apparently he did it himself,
which is wicked sweet. So. Awesome guy. :)

This is Sean, Dave's friend. He had some really colorful,
interesting tattoos down his arms. He was also
really cool. They were just chill guys all around.

I don't think I need to explain why I took his picture. SO COOL.
I also didn't get much info because he was with his family. I know I got his name, but I'll have to check my phone for that when I get it back from my house. He was really chill. I went up to him and was just straightforward. "I'm doing this project and your hair is AWESOME."
He was happy to let me take his picture. :)
*add: His name is Alistair. ALISTAIR.

This is Jamie. She was at Cup o' Joe on day 17.
I saw her reading her book, smoking a cigarette, and she just seemed
really into it. She was extremely chill. She was the first person to
take a picture without looking at the camera. She said, "I've
had my picture taken before. And if there's one thing I've learned
it's not to look at the camera."
Alrighty then! It turned out nice, so that's all that counts.
She was reading this book that had two stories on each page.
I can't even remember the name of it, but it was long. And according to her,
very confusing. She wasn't far enough into the story to know why there were
two stories on each page, but she was liking it.
After a while she was asking about my project, and suggested
that I hit up the dog fair to find interesting people. I wasn't quite sure
I heard her correctly. The "dog fair?" Which is apparently just where dog enthusiasts go. And things. Interesting, right? She loves dogs.

Okay, so. This is Andrew. He was actually visiting from California
as a missionary for the Pentecostal Church. He even
gave me a handout. It says:
"Salvation is so important Jesus died at the cross and rose again from the dead to achieve it. Salvation is so important that it is free. Salvation is so important that without it, our life on earth is nothing. Salvation is so important that you need to receive it right here. Right now."
Epiiiiic. I wanted to. Right there. Right then.
He was really nice, though. He had spent the day playing video games at GameStop with his friend who he was bringing to the church. It was awesome! Next year he's going to college for pre-med. So...genius? Maybe? :)

This is a day 11 story. His name is Omer. I saw a few interesting looking guys outside of Jenny's apartment playing basketball. I approached them and they were so nice. I actually ended up
playing with them for a while. Apparently this guy just moved from India about 6 months ago. However, he had started learning English when he was really young, so he was really good at it. He knows so much about India. Just a bunch of random facts. Stuff about how advanced they are with technology and their literacy rates, and pretty much everything. He's very well-learned. haha. He told me about when he first moved here and his sister was asked in school, "do you know how to use a computer??" and she just rolled over laughing because she has been using a PC since she was 6. India is apparently just as, if not more, technologically advanced as the US. He told me the biggest NASA program is in India. He told me India was #2 or #3 for Apple product sales. SO INTERESTING.
He does love America, though. He really likes music you hear on the radio. He mentioned Nicky Minaj and Katy Perry and whatnot. A bit of a shame,'s okay. :P He plays soccer, and is joining a league soon. He was extremely, extremely nice. And it was awesome talking to him.

THIS GUY. I quite enjoyed my conversation with him. I was hesitant when I first approached him, but he was so nice! His name is Darrin and he just graduated NC State in communications. Currently he's just in retail, but he wants to go into TV or news or something. He's from Asheboro, and hasn't traveled much, but really wants to. We had a really awesome conversation about music. He's really into indie and whatnot. He's been to 6 Springsteen concerts! That's how many Avetts concerts I've been to! I'm impressed. Going to concerts is pretty much his favorite thing in the world. He's seen the Avetts before, but they were opening for someone else, so. No too much Avett experience. But he really likes them! I was so jealous because he went to the Mumford and Sons concert here in Raleigh recently. :/ I wanted to go to that...but yes! Really nice guy. I quite enjoyed talking to him.

Ashley was showing Sara and I this WONDERFUL store called Sugar Magnolias when I ran into this girl. Her name is Capris, which I thought was neat, and she was just overall super chill. This was day 11. She was in a hurry to leave with her family, but she was really nice.
The store, Sugar Magnolias....IS AMAZING. Coolest clothes and belts and bags...incense, jewelry, etc. It's fantastic. When I have money, I'm definitely returning. And only cool people go into the store, so Capris is definitely cool. :P

Definitely overdid the dodge on his eyes...SORRY. But this is Duncan. Day 11 again. He came into Sugar Magnolias and I creepily followed him out. He was wearing that apron and I couldn't decide if it was paint or food making a mess on it. So I asked! It was definitely food. He works at this restaurant downtown Caffe Luna. It's an italian restaurant, so it was some kind of pasta he was cooking. He had this WICKED SWEET Star Wars shirt underneath it, by the way. I think I would be his friend. He was really, super nice. I LOVE NICE PEOPLE. :D

This is day 9, James. This is the other half of the gay couple with their dog Pringles. :) His hair is AWESOME. He was a really cool guy. I'm a big fan of those two people.

I'm mostly just posting this because I think he kinda looks like Dr. McSteamy, except a little less steamy. But there's a resemblance there! Just sayin'. Also his name is Shawn. He got his picture taken and hurried off, so I didn't get much info on him. But he's great!

This is Cindee, the most adorable girl ever. I was with Phoebe when I saw her. She was just too cute to ignore. I asked to take her picture and she was just so shy. She had this broken English that just made my heart so happy. She was from China, visiting to go to NC State. Cindee was just her English name...I tried to learn her Chinese one, but it just didn't work. haha. I liked her. :D

Another day 19 success. This is Ralph. I was taking a picture of Sarah when we saw him walking into the Barnes and Noble. He doesn't have it on here, but he had a wicked sweet hat. He's in the Air Force, obviously. He's currently on active duty, but he's in the reserves, so he's not fighting all the time or anything. He was talking about how much training he had to go through...I just don't think I could do it. I'd be awful. He was an overall extremely nice guy and I obviously hold a great deal of respect for him for his service to our country. :)

This is Andrew, I do believe. He was in the Spanish band. He wasn't there when I first saw the group. When he showed up, Aaron and Gabrielle were like, "this is the photogenic one. You need to take his picture." He is certainly a good looking guy. He plays lead guitar for the band.

And lastly, Gabrielle. I LOVE HER SHIRT. She's Aaron's sister and plays guitar for the band. She was super cute and friendly. I was amazed at how much they could smile. She was so giggly right before I took her picture, it was hilarious. Again, from Texas. Plays in a Spanish band. So cute. I kind of want to hear their music, just to see if I like it, because I wouldn't be surprised if I did. I'm pretty sure they said they have an album out, but they didn't tell me what it was called or anything. So I'm gonna have to do some detective work to figure it out.

There you have it! Another piece of my project. I'm learning a lot and I'm really pleased about how everything is going. Every day just brings someone more and more interesting than the last. I love it. :) If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to hit me up!

haha, I was kind of dismayed at how much more messy these posts looked compared to the last ones....but then I realized that I have a ton more content in this. So. IT'S OKAY.

Thanks for checking out my blog.


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