Friday, July 8, 2011

100,000 Words - Honorable Mentions

This is basically just the pictures/people that I loved but weren't my #1 favorites of the day. :)

First though, I HAD to post this. I had to. There was no choice. The colors were too pretty for me not to. You'll just have to deal with 2 versions of this on my blog. Sorry. ;)

I took this girl's picture on day 8 in the Harris Teeter. Her name is Kayla and she turned out to be an art student at ECU for animation, so when I told her about my project she was all about helping me out. She seemed really cool, and I'd totally be her friend.

Okay, so. NICEST GUY EVER. I thought he looked so kind, he had the best eyes, and I had one more picture on my roll, so I asked to take his picture. Afterward he asked me about my project and we talked for a while. He goes to NC State apparently, and works at my Harris Teeter, which is rockin'. I was sad because the picture turned out a little blurry, but he was so nice I had to post his picture. :)

Day 6. He was walking his dog in my apartment complex and I really liked his hair. He was a really chill guy and seemed really cool. His dog was also precious. :)

Day 5 -- it was the 4th of July obviously. I was definitely digging his patriotic attire, so I asked to take his picture. He insisted on taking one WITH me as well as this one, which was kinda weird, but hey. If I'm gonna ask to take their picture, I guess it's fair to take mine. I left when he said "well, you're definitely a cutie" and offered me a beer. I was like, "kthanksbye." He was really nice though. Just a little crazy. :)

One of my day 4 masterpieces. He is just so pretty. His face is pretty much perfect. His eyes were especially impressive. This picture turned out really well, I think. He was really nice, too. :)

What a silly guy. He just seems goofy. I went searching for him after I got a tip that "a guy with a couple of dread locks that looked like devil horns" was roaming the beach. Totally worth it.

This was the one that gave me the tip for devil-dread-lock-boy. She was so cute when I approached her. When I asked to take her picture she seemed so taken aback that I thought she looked interesting. She said, "Me? There are so many more interesting people than me on this beach!" I talked with her and her daughter for a while about my project and they were just so, so nice. Most adorable older lady ever. :)

Yet another day 4 success story. He was the first person I took a picture of on that day. I liked his mis-matched striped tank top. He was so beach-y. I stopped him and his friend and he was just really chill about the whole thing. It was hilarious because when I got back Jenny tried to tell me that I needed to take pictures of people like him and how tragic it was that I missed "this guy with red hair and striped tank top." Yep, I got him, Jenny. Don't worry about it.

Day 2. Red hair. Named Patrick. I wonder if he's a leprechaun.


  1. I really love that you've started to get names, Rae! I don't think I'd have the guts to do this. I especially love the stories behind the pictures, and when you get even braver (which I can tell you already are) I'll look forward to reading a little bit of the life story of the people you take pictures of. :)

    Lanny out

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  3. Awesome pictures! So I'd like to talk with the Renaissance girl some more, how do I contact her?