Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have many, many ideas for pictures, you guys. Like, tons. Sadly, I am but one person and many of my concepts require...people. Therefore, often I am left with nothing of which to take pictures! I've been around my apartment complex a million times and there really isn't much interesting there, and I don't want to waste film on crappy pictures, so what do I do? How do I satisfy my urge to take pictures?

The answer is located on, my friends. On this website I can find photo prompts. There's a general theme, and then you just go nuts from there! Be as creative as you want. Just tie it back to the word they've told you to take pictures of. Started from the top and the first word was: Chair.

I took all these a while ago (I'm still working my way up to current pictures). I wanted to be as creative as possible, I didn't just want a million pictures of straight up chairs (although...there are probably some cool chairs out there. Maybe I'll revisit it later), so this is what I came up with -- enjoy!

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