Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ben Everett's pre-mission shots

I don't really think I can properly title these pre-mission pictures because they have nothing to do with church, but I took these two days before he leaves for Japan for a mission, so...I'm going with it. I was suuuper proud of a few of these. Ben Everett...what a guy. haha.

Ben + The 'rents

Ben + The Sibs
Too perfect.
That face.
Sara and Ben
Ben + Umbrella
Fly Me to the Moon

You can stand under my umbrella. Whatevs. :)
What a guy.
Jack, he's flying!

This.His face says to me,
"Sorry ladies. I've got the Lord to serve."
We're deep.
We're friends.

Ben Everett. Return with honor. Make us proud. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.


  1. this is phoebe. this is the best, best, best thing ever. good luck ben (:

  2. what an adorable idea! loved these! Go with God Ben...